The First One

I have been following blogs for quite sometime. As a college student, I spend the majority of my time on my computer, doing schoolwork of course ;), but every so often my attention starts to drift and I find myself surfing the web, usually reading all the blogs I follow. 
As a journalism major at the University of Mississippi, I have learned a lot about blogs and how influential and prevalent they are becoming, blogs are quickly taking over the multimedia world. I hope with this blog I can work on my writing and reporting skills. This will be good practice and experience for me, so hang tight- I'm still learning! 
My curiosity about blogs peaked when my lovely Aunt Emily started a blog of her own, Waltz Me To Heaven. A great blog about fashion, family, food and traveling. Check it out! Ever since she created WMTH in late August, I have secretly been itching to start a blog of my own. 
I decided that there was no better time than the new year to start a new blog. So here it is, my first entry about my college, sorority, family, and crazy (but absolutely amazing) life!
Follow along through the Chronicles of Claudia- I picked this name because as a child I loved reading The Chronicles of Narnia. Though there is no similarities between the book and this blog, I liked the flow of the name. 
Click on my about page to learn a little more about me and come back tomorrow to see how I spent my New Years Eve and see what my New Years Resolutions are.


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