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I have an addiction to Sephora and buying new makeup. It is one thing that I really like to splurge on, I feel like it is important to have nice makeup, so I allow myself to spend more on it. 

Here are some beauty products that I have not tried before, but I would really like to. I only buy 1-3 things at a time, but I love watching my collection grow. If you want to know in detail why I would like the following products, read the paragraph at the bottom. If you just want to see what my wish list is, scroll down to the picture and links! Beauty Wish List

I have heard great things about the TOUCHE ÉCLAT - Radiant Touch, its an under eye concealer that is supposed to make your skin illuminate and erase signs of fatigue. The Nars stick serves multiple purposes, you can apply it to your cheeks, lips, eyes and body. I really like Nars blushes, they are so beautiful. This blush is the "super orgasm". I have the regular "orgasm" right now, but I want more shimmer, which is why I would like the super. I am obsessed with all things YSL, especially the lip products. I was in Sephora the other day and came across this new lip gloss. It is to act as a top coat for lipstick, but it also beautiful and shiny on its own. I know I would use it all the time. I am constantly looking for a good face cleanser that will really clean my face, and take off all my makeup. I have read reviews on the Fresh Soy Face Cleaners, and great things are said! I am finally thinking about joining the Naked Palette bandwagon. I do not wear a lot of eye makeup, so I have never thought I needed all those shades. Plus, everyone has the Naked Palettes, so I wanted to be different. I have used my friends, and I see how versatile and amazing the palette is. Benefit's puff off is at the top of my list. After using their pore minimizer, I wanted to see what other products they had. I have naturally puffy and dark circles around my eyes, so I tested the Puff Off at Sephora, and I was really pleased with the results. I have tried my friends Stilla Shimmer eyeshadow, and it is really just gorgeous. It's like wearing little gold flakes on your eyes. I usually don't splurge on mascara because I run out so fast, but I have heard that this YSL mascara is worth it. I am willing to give it a try if it will make my lashes more voluminous. Ever since I can remember I have always had to have something on my lips. In middle school, I used to carry around tubes of Victoria's Secret lipgloss in my pencil case- I am obsessed with Chapstick, lipgloss, and lipstick. I have always wanted to try the Fresh Sugar chapstick, because some of my friends have used it for years and love it. I always like to start my makeup with a primer, it makes my skin feel fresh, and I think it really does help the makeup look better, longer. The Smashbox Photo Finish is at the top of my list of primers to try. Last, but not least, Smashbox BB Cream. I like wearing a little bit of foundation, but nothing heavy. BB Cream's are just perfect, and Smashbox makes great products!

I can get really passionate about my beauty products! If you have a product you can't live without, please comment below. I am always looking to try new things. Hope you enjoyed!


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