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I hope everyone had a relaxing New Years Day; I enjoyed resting and recovering from working late on NYE. There may have been, or still are, a few technical glitches with the blog recently. Yesterday, I was working on transferring from to my own domain. So now instead of,, it is just, Yay!

I have noticed on some of the blogs that I follow, they do this thing called Five on Friday, where you post 5 things this week that you are {obsessed} with. I decided I wanted to try it out. Here it goes...

One of my favorite things about the winter season: pajamas. When it gets cold outside I just love to snuggle up in a warm pair of pj's! If I do not have to be dressed to go out, I am usually always in my pajamas. I even go babysit my little cousins in them; they sometimes refer to me as pajama lady. I love it!
My mom bought me this adorable macaroon pajama set from Target. It is sold out now, but the Nick & Nora collection at Target still have some really cute choices!
Babysitting in my macaroon pj's-love this boy!!

The dress I wore for my Debutante Ball this past Sunday. Not only was it beautiful, but also it was very special to me. My Aunt Emily let me borrow the dress and gloves she wore to her debut over 15 years ago. It was absolutely stunning, and she was very generous to let me borrow it. It fit so perfectly, no alterations needed, and it made my night that much more special to be wearing it. You can check out her post about the dress and the ball on her blog, Waltz Me To Heaven. I was so lucky to be able to share that night with my beautiful cousin, Lauren. 

Ole Miss's winter break. Let me tell you, it's great. I have been home from school since December 17th, and I do not go back until January 19th. I still have 17 days left in my beautiful hometown with my wonderful family. The only downside is most of my friends who go to different schools will be heading back in just a few short days. I guess that means I will have to go visit them!! 

Benefit's POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores.This stuff is amazing, I now swear by it. When I was getting reading for my debutante ball, my best friend Emily let me try hers. Amazing! It goes on so smoothly and makes your skin soft and pores practically nonexistent. I recommend this product to everyone. I went out and bought it right away from Sephora

This blog. I know I have only just started it, but as a journalism major, I have to write a lot. Sometimes things I don't want to write about at all, it can make me despise it. This blog has shed a new light on writing; I have had fun just writing and editing my posts. I love blogging about whatever I want to and expressing myself! It is also good practice, and keeps my brain working while I'm at home over this extended break! 


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