I am so lucky to not only live in a place with a great downtown area that is constantly growing and changing, but also a beautiful beach town. For todays post, I want to focus on the beauty of the beach. It was a cold, cold Florida day yesterday, but I wanted to go to the beach. One last time before I go back to Oxford, Mississippi (where I'm lucky to see any form of water). My friend, Juliann, was nice enough to brave the cold with me. When we got to the beach, it really didn't feel that cold. We had a wonderful time, it was so peaceful, quiet and absolutely gorgeous!


dg blanket in the sand

throw some sand & make it rain

jules and her seashell 

jules & a cool effect on my camera

another cool effect on my camera

snuggling up by the water

outfit of the day

fish eye effect on my camera

trying out the fisheye effect (hehe)

my favorite shot

I can't get over how beautiful the day was, so lucky to have experienced it! Hope y'all like the pictures! 


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