My First Hunting Trip

I shot a gun for the first time this Christmas break. Kyle took me to his uncle’s house so I could learn- it was scary and thrilling. All throughout high school all of my guy friends talked about hunting and fishing, and how much they love it. I have been fishing many times, but I have never been hunting. When the opportunity arose to go hunting with Kyle, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I was excited to get all dressed up in camo and paint my face, but I wasn't sure if I could keep quiet the whole time and not scare the deer away. It was a long and very cold day, but I had so much fun! We drove out to Jackson, Alabama to the hunting grounds he has, and we waited all day to see a deer. We were just about to give up around 5 o'clock when we saw our first deer! I don't think I have had enough practice to shoot at a deer yet, so I want to practice more and next season I'll be ready. I had a great day getting a feel for hunting, and just being out in the woods with Kyle. I won't be able to make another trip before I go back to school next week, but I'm already hoping to go next season!

woo camo 

these boots are made for hunting

 excited for the day!

we painted our faces, but took it off after an hour! (hehe)

#selfie & war paint with kyle

mud on the tires

we found a turkey feather!

walking the woods

turkey tracks

dangerous (and cold!)

woods at night

I loved this experience and being able to document and share it! Happy Hunting!!? hehe 

ps- Shout out to my best friend Emily for letting me borrow her camo clothes & hunting boots because I had none. Your'e the best!


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