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Last night I enjoyed a wonderful evening and meal with my Dad. We started off the night at Seville in the bar, End of the Alley, my dads favorite in the complex. We enjoyed the company of bartender and fellow cast mate of my dad's Seville Quarter Wine and Libations show, Jo. We then walked the lovely streets of Downtown Pensacola to a local restaurant, Nom. It's a new and chic Japanese restaurant located on Palafox Street. When you step into the small, but fashionable restaurant, its like you are no longer in Pensacola. While eating at Nom it felt like I was eating at a trendy restaurant in a big city. Nom has a really cool atmosphere with delicious and fresh food. We had a great time!

#selfie with my dad!

Nom Sushi Izakaya- 
Izakaya is a Japanese drinking establishment that serves food to accompany the drinks

We ordered two appetizers and two orders of nigiri- everything was absolutely delicious. Our first plates were mini tuna tacos: lump crab guacamole with green apple daikon (winter radish) slaw, and handmade pork gyoza with a sweet soy reduction. My all time favorite food is sushi, and I love it simple. Nigiri is perfect for me- fresh, delicious, and minimal. We ordered my two favorites, tuna (maguro) and salmon (ikura). The nigiri was awesome and hit the spot.

mini tuna tacos

pork gyoza

magro & ikura nigiri 

delicious raw seafood

Downtown Pensacola is thriving, so many new amazing stores and restaurants opening up. I love trying new places, and I can't wait to go back to Nom! 



  1. I want sushi !! :))
    Fashion Paris&Prague

  2. amazing post and blog!



  3. It looks reall amazing. It is nice to spend such lovely time with dad, isn't it? I live in different city that my father, and that's why I enjoy every minute when I am with him. Your blog looks really nice :)


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