This past summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to join my best friend Laura and her family on their vacation to Washington D.C. and New York City. It was a really great trip, and we were able to do so many amazing things! I am so grateful that the Inclan's actually wanted me to accompany them on their family vacay!! hehe

So here is a recap of our amazing trip to two of my most favorite cities!! We drove all the way from Florida to D.C., and stopping in Durham, NC to sleep. Our first stop was somewhere outside of Atlanta for lunch- a beautiful vineyard, but I just can't remember the name! 

Our long car ride, no makeup look

The Vineyard

Posing like the statue 

Our first destination was George Washington's house, Mount Vernon. This was my second trip to Mount Vernon, and it just keeps getting better. The house and land was beautiful as always, and the museum was bigger with a lot more to do and learn! 

At Mount Vernon with Laura

Our first day out in D.C. was jam packed with things to do! We explored all over the city, walking everywhere, and hitting almost all of the monuments. I love going to the monuments, I am reminded every time just how special our beautiful country is. 

 FDR Monument

Representing FLORIDA

with MLK

My favorite monument 

The rest of our time in D.C. was filled exploring and being tourists! While waiting for our reservations at a restaurant, Laura and I took a trip to Georgetown Cupcakes and got to try some of their delicious inventions! 

Snapchatting everywhere we go, of course!

Georgetown Cupcakes! As seen on TV! 

In between our trip from D.C. to NYC we stopped and stayed in Saratoga to see the horse racing courses, and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. 
At the museum in our racing gear! 

When we finally made it to New York City we were so excited!! The energy of the city is thrilling, I just love it! I don't think I could live in New York (the South has my heart), but I absolutely love to visit. Shopping, eating, exploring, and going to broadway shows is one of my most favorite things to do. But why wouldn't it be? It's fabulous! While in New York we were able to do so many incredible things. Take a trip to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, eat fantastic food, row boat down Central Park, and see some amazing Broadway shows, and a great food tour!! (probably a lot more, too, that I am forgetting to mention!) 

I promise, I was happy hehe

FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE from Serendipity :)))

Lady Liberty

Rowing down Central Park

Food tour!!!!!!!!!

Dreaming of going back!

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