Trendy Tuesday

While I would not consider myself a fashionista, I do love a good outfit and appreciate beautiful clothes. I get a thrill when I find a great bargain, and enjoy a nice splurge every once in a while. I honestly do not buy new clothes a lot, most of the time when I get new clothes its a gift from my dad- he has the best taste in clothes (and just about everything else).

I decided I wanted to dedicate Tuesdays on my blog to being Trendy. 

When going out on the square in Oxford, or to the fraternity houses, there is no telling how people will be dressed. There is such an array of personalities and styles. You could see someone in Nike shorts and a t-shirt, or someone else dressed looking like they are going out to a cocktail party. I always like to dress with how I feel, not what I think everyone else is going to wear. Some days I want to be very dressed up, and others I prefer a more casual and comfortable look. My best friend, Alex, is notorious for wearing high heels to the fraternity houses. I agree that with the proper outfit, heels are a must anywhere you go.


Here are two different nighttime outfits that I would wear either to bars, fraternity houses, or dinner. The first look is more casual, and the second is dressy. 

Trendy Tuesday

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