Weekend In Review

Happy Monday! The weekend is over (sigh). I hope everyone had a great one!

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I started off my weekend on Friday going to The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama with my boyfriend, Kyle, and his family. It was a wonderful little trip, we ate and shopped; what could be better!? I bought a cute pair of Nicole shoes from a store at The Wharf, Seaside Shoes. Later that night Kyle tried to teach me how to dance. We were listening to Michael Jackson and Elton John on his record player, and he wanted to teach me his mad dancing skills. I didn't go very well, I couldn't dance to save my life. Maybe next time I'll get the hang of it.

The Wharf

Pretending its still Christmas time

New Nicole Bonnie Sandals in Tobacco

Kyle's record player & an Elton John record

Saturday was very quiet. I went to target with my mother to pick up a few things, and purchased a cute Mossimo dress (shown above in first picture). Later that night I spent time with one of my best friends from high school, Juliann. 
#selfie with Jules

Sunday night was B.A.R.E. Ball at Seville, a New Years celebration for Bar And Restaurant Employees. A nice way for the employees who were not able to go out on NYE (because of work) to still have a chance to celebrate. It was a lot of fun because I got to work with two of my cousins! I helped pour samples of New Belgium beer with my cousins Brandon and Lauren. 
#selfie with Brandon

New Belgium 

 Lauren and my Mother


My Dad with a bourbon and Ranger IPA

As I have mentioned before, I started a blog to help me grow as a writer and better my skills. I will make mistakes, and I want to know when I do so I can learn from them. With that being said, I would like to thank my Uncle Pookie (Clifton) for pointing out that in a previous post, I ended a sentence with a preposition. That is a no-no and I will not do it again. Thanks for helping me, Uncle Pookie! <3 

Thanks for reading!

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