This semester, I am taking a photojournalism class, and so far I am in love! I bought a new camera for this class, and I have just been waiting for the assignment where I could go out and finally use it. I am no photographer, and I do not want to be a photojournalist, but I thought this class would be really fun, and a great learning experience.

On the first day of classes, my teacher told to find a partner, go outside, and take a picture of your partner. Here is the picture my partner took of me.

For this weeks assignment, we were told to go out and take different pictures in specific areas. 

  • An example of leading lines. 

  • An example of layering / depth.

  • An example of the Rule of Thirds.

  • A photo showing a strong moment.

  • A photo containing only three colors (or shades of colors)

  • A photo that gives an example of strong, dramatic light

Hope you enjoy these pictures!

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