Weekend In Review

Lucky for me, my weekend starts on Thursday's- I love my schedule this semester. On Thursday when I was finished with my classes, I went to Lamar Park with my friend Riley to get some exercise in. Lamar Park is this huge, beautiful park in Oxford. Riley and I go there about 2-3 times a week, it's so relaxing and nice to get some fresh air. When I got back I did some homework for my criminal justice class, and then got ready to go out with some of my gal pals! I went to dinner with my friends Raigan and Audrey at a Mexican restaurant, and then after dinner we met up with some more friends and headed to the square! The square is Oxford's downtown area; it's idyllic and full of southern charm. I will dedicate a post to the square in itself, because it really is something special.

Lake Patty at Lamar Park

Audrey, Anna, Raigan, and Phoebe
With no classes on Friday, I spent that day relaxing and working on schoolwork. My friend Riley came over in the morning and we went to the gym at my apartment for our exercise that day. Then we came back to my apartment and tried out a smoothie recipe my Aunt Kelly gave me. I will post the recipe when I have perfected it to my liking. I spent the rest of my day working on journalism homework that took me 3 hours, I am not kidding. I decided to stay in Friday night and watch movies on Netflix.
Smoothie with a Valentine's Day straw!
Watching Netflix with my stuffed pig, Dublin 
Saturday I woke up early with hopes to go to the Graceland Too auction in Holly Springs, but when that plan didn't work out I decided to go to the gym. If I may say so, I am very proud of myself; this is the first year I have kept my New Years resolutions for so long. Hopefully I can continue! I then went to lunch with my friend Audrey, and then to the square with my "little sis", Alexandria, to do some shopping! After shopping, Alexandria came back to my apartment and we made cookies and she got me addicted to the show, House of Cards. Then we got ready and headed to the fraternity, Sigma Chi, for their initiation party. 
I'm the Valentine's Day Cookie Monster!! 

Sigma Chi with my pretty little!!

Sunday was very slow and quiet. I cleaned my room, watched the Super Bowl until the halftime show, and then my roommate Alex and I got bored so we decided to go to the gym for a little to entertain our self. Our workout "warm up" was taking selfies in the mirror, and being silly. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful new week!! P.S. I am really looking forward to seeing the Pink Peonies Collection that comes out today! I love following the blog Pink Peonies, and I can't wait to see what beautiful jewelry creations she has, and just in time for Valentine's Day! 


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