I know this is old news, but I just found out Piperlime will be closing by the end of April. This makes me so sad! For about 6 years now, Piperlime has always been my go to shop when I have a big event coming up. I have purchased homecoming, prom, and graduation dresses from Piperlime in high school. As well as, rush, formal, and grove dresses/outfits from the store just recently in college. I was looking for an Easter dress on their website when I saw they were closing.

While I am sad to see this online store close, hopefully there will be a final sale that will have good deals and steals. Until then, we can enjoy 30% off spring's most wanted style's with the code DRESSCODE by 4/1. Quick this sale ends soon!

Here are a few of my favorites!



This weekend was my trip to Atlanta, and it was full of traveling and adventures! In total, I traveled around 1,400 miles. Crazy, I know! *disclaimer: I am working on a midterm project for my photojournalism class, which involves taking lots of #selfies (more than normal! hehe). So this post is full of them. I will post more about this midterm project when I am finished!*

Atlanta Hawks game!!! 
I woke up Thursday morning at 5:30 am, got in the car and drove 370 miles (6 hours) from Oxford to Pensacola. I arrived in Pensacola around noon, and waited for Kyle to pick me up to head to Atlanta. We left for Atlanta around 1:30 pm drove 325 miles (5 hours). With the time change we ended up at his aunt and uncle's house around 6:45 pm. It was a long day! 

I know what some are thinking, why did she drive all the way home just to go to Atlanta!? Well, because I do not have class on Monday or Friday, I chose to drive home, ride with Kyle, and still be able to spend Sunday evening with my fam. I know my family thinks I'm home every weekend, and I will be home next weekend for Easter, but then I won't be home again until summer!

Even with all of the traveling on Thursday, it still was a great day! I had so much fun that evening bonding with Kyle's Aunt Audra and Uncle "G" in their man cave. They are wonderful, and I hope to go back over the summer! 

We woke up early Friday, and instead of getting ready like I should have, I procrastinated until 10 am when my registration window to sign up for Fall 2015 classes opened up. Then I had to hurry and get dressed, do my hair, and then my makeup in the car. 

We drove to Little Five Points in Atlanta to check it out. It was a very neat side of town full of graffiti and little shops. We stopped at a vintage clothing store where I bought a flannel shirt that I wore around my waist to the game that night. I have wanted a flannel shirt for a while, so I was excited to get one! We also stopped at a record store and bought five or six records for Kyle's record player. The album I am most excited to listen to is, Nirvana's Live at Reading, which features some of my favorite songs. We ate lunch at this really cool bar & grill, The Vortex. We forgot that it was Friday during lent, and ordered meat…oops! 

beautiful streets of Atlanta #gum
explaining to kyle how I would like him to help me with my selfie
here it is!

record store

The Vortex!!
After Little Five Points, we headed downtown where we spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium. Kyle and I both love sea creatures, so this was the perfect stop for us! My favorites were the beluga whales and the sharks. 

beautiful sharks! 

baby beluga, baby beluga
*sing the song as you read*

Then, it was finally time for the Hawks game, the reason we came to Atlanta! We waited in line until 6 pm, when they would finally let us in. We were at the very front of the line, anxiously waiting to get in. When we got to our seats I was very proud with myself, they were SO close!! While watching the players practice, out walks the rapper 2 Chainz. I'm not a huge rap fan, but I thought it was cool he was there. He practiced with the players a little, and preformed before the game and at half time. The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Miami Heat 99-86. The game was an amazing experience, and the highlight of my trip (& Kyle's too!). 

excited for game time!
(as you can see we were very early)

great seats!
2 chainz 

half time show w/ 2 chainz

Saturday we spent the day at the house with his family. Playing Frisbee, Blackjack, Pool, and Texas Hold'em. We ate a wonderful dinner, and then had a bonfire with s’mores! A relaxing and fun day!! 


We woke up early to head to 7:30 mass, and then to Kyle's little cousin Andrew's baseball game. After the game it was time to head home. Sad :(!! When I arrived home we celebrated my little brother Will's 17th birthday! 

I cannot believe Will is turning 17 today. Happy Birthday, Will!!!  I love ya lots, little bro. 

Have a great week!!

25 *random* Facts About Me!

I read a fellow blogger's "25 Facts About Me" post, and I really enjoyed it. I know everyone may not care, but for those who do, I thought this would be fun!

1. I still like to sleep with a stuffed animal. Either my build-a-bear, "Chloe", or my stuffed piglet, "Dublin".
2. On that note, my favorite animals are pigs. I believe that stems from my Uncle Scott calling me "Piglet" since I was a very little girl.
3. I don't like my friends or family to call me Claudia, I feel that is too formal. I prefer, Claud, Clauddy, Claudacious (as my dad and cousin Lauren call me), or Cloud (as Kyle calls me). Some of my little cousins call me YaYa, which I love.
4. I am obsessed with snapchat and taking selfies, but get really embarrassed when I am caught taking one.
5. I prefer to be the driver than the passenger when riding in cars. I feel more in charge. Though some may argue I'm a bad driver, I would have to disagree.
6. I am obsessed with skincare and I love reading about peoples beauty routines. I put coconut oil in my smoothies only because it is supposed to be good for your skin.
7. I am the 2nd oldest grandchild (1st granddaughter) out of 17 on my moms side.
8. I am a huge snacker, and even when I know I shouldn't eat something, I always talk my self into it. I have a major sweet & salty tooth. It's evil.
9. I am very proud to be Catholic and enjoy going to mass, but going to confession scares me. So I don't go, even though I know I should. I feel like God will forgive me if I ask him personally.
10. My parents are quickly becoming my best friends, and I would rather hang out with them than *most* people. Sorry, there are still some people I'd rather hangout with… hehe kidding! Kinda.
11. My favorite foods are: bread, cheese, and sushi. Maybe even all at once!
12. When I was little I hated peanut butter, I don't think it's that bad now, but I will never be able to like it.
13. I'm afraid of getting addicted to coffee, so I won't start drinking it in the mornings.
14. My favorite numbers are: 3, 7, and 5. My birthday is March 7, 1995- so that is why.
15. My favorite color is pink, always has been, and always will be.
16. When I was little I would not wear pants, only dresses. I still prefer that now.
17. I would love to showcase my wardrobe and make #ootd posts, but honestly I wear nike shorts/leggings and a t-shirt everyday. #collegelife
18. I could binge watch a series on Netflix in a week or two. I do binge watch series in a week or two…
19. I love to read, but I feel guilty reading while I'm at school. I should be reading textbooks! (I feel guilty watching Netflix, too, but that is an obsession. I can't quit!).
20. I was nervous to start a blog, because I didn't want people to judge me. Then I thought, who cares? I am very happy with my decision.
21. My friend Molli once taught me the life motto, "who cares?", and I just try not to care. It'll make you happier!
22. Shopping stresses me out, so I much rather have people (my dad) do it for me.
23. I want a pink toy pig and I would like to name him/her Ireland.
24. I have always wondered what I would look like blonde.
25. I found my first gray hair when I was 17, and I have been finding them every since. Thanks, mom & dad! Thanks, genetics.
I am a random weirdo
(picture from big/little reveal night, I don't usually just wear horns like that!)
Well, I did it! Hope you enjoy!!

St. Tropez

Warmer weather and beach/pool days are finally here! We can ditch the layers and finally wear our favorite spring attire (on most days). The only problem? That awful pasty paleness winter has left! No need to worry, I have the perfect solution!! You won't have to run to the sun and get all burnt, go to the tanning bed, or get a spray tan every week. St. Tropez self-tan bronzing mousse will help you out.

I purchased the starter kit right before my spring break, and I was tan, confident, and ready for any outfit! I really do love this stuff, I have already gone out and bought a full size bottle.

purchase starter kit here

Included in the St. Tropez starter kit are 3 travel sized bottles: Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (1.69 oz), Tan Enhancing Polish (2.54 oz), Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer (2.54 oz), and an Applicator Mitt for Body. 

purchase St. Tropez tanning mousse here

You apply the mousse with a mitt to protect your hands, and use circular motions to rub it all in. The results are almost instant, and you can build the tan day after day. It is important to exfoliate and moisturize before each application. 

The mousse and applicator mitt are essential, but I wouldn't say the polish and moistuzer are. I like them, though. 

I love the natural color I receive after I apply it, and that it doesn't streak or look splotchy. The application process is practically fool proof. 

I hope I haven't rambled on, I just am very happy with this product and my new sunless tan! I have never used the tanning bed, and thanks to St. Tropez I will not need to. Also, thank you to my friend Molli for showing me this wonderful product!


Ivy League

Spring is here and so are spring fraternity parties! Over the weekend my cousin, Sarah Grace, and best friend, Patrick came all the way to visit me!! It was a fast weekend, but we enjoyed our Saturday at Phi Delt's, Ivy League party. I pulled out my "redneck" attire & red lipstick, and I was ready to go! It was so much fun, and I loved being able to spend it with Patty & Sarah Grace! We traveled 20 minutes to Foxfire Ranch, where we hung out in the hay and mud for the rest of the afternoon. 

hope y'all enjoyed your weekend!! 
xo, claudia

Spring is Here, Spring is Here!!

My favorite season of the year is finally here! I am SO happy that winter has passed; I was sick of it right when Christmas was over.

Beautiful flowers are blooming, and people are just happier in spring. That may be my opinion, but walking around campus in the winter, everyone is bundled up, freezing, and unhappy. Once spring rolls around with the joyous warm weather, people lose the frowns and walk with a little more pep in their step.

Clothes are more beautiful in the spring; wonderful bright colors and refreshing white's can be seen all around. I may be one of the only people left to follow the rule, but I will not wear white shoes, pants, or purses until after Easter. With the exception of my white Converse, I feel those can be worn all year long.

I am thrilled that spring has sprung!!!

I hope this spring is the best one yet!

Let's Take A Trip

I am counting down the days until I travel to Atlanta on March 26th. For Valentines Day I bought Kyle tickets to the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat basketball game, and his aunt was generous enough to offer a place to stay with them in Atlanta! We will be there for a few days, so I am already thinking about what I want to pack and wear for each day. Obviously, the reason we are going is for the basketball game on Friday night, so that is the outfit I will start with. I want to keep it casual and cute.

Here is what I am thinking for the game!

What do y'all think? Please help me decide what to wear, and which shirt to get!? hehe Thanks!

I can't wait!

Spring Break

I had a wonderful spring break & birthday weekend! It went by all too fast, especially my birthday! (hehe) I wish I could go back and have it again!!! Here are a few shots from the week.

I <3 Pensacola

beautiful beach
 beach on my birthday!
birthday dinner with my daddy! 
my flank steak--so delicious! 
my dad's chicken & dumplings
beach with my little cousin, marian


Happy St. Patty's Day!!
xo, claudia

Current Obsession: Cameo

There is this matching skirt and crop top set on Revolve Clothing that I have been dying for, for so long. Sadly, they do not have it in my size, which is probably lucky because the price for both is a little hefty for this college gal…but a girl can dream! After finding that set, I became obsessed with everything Cameo. I feel that it is just my style, and I would always be fashionable, classy, and chic everywhere I went in one of their pieces. I love solid colors, and minimal print. Wearing all of one color is a fashion statement that I adore. There is just something about these Cameo pieces that make me so happy, and dream for them to be in my closet. Love, love, love. What do y'all think!?

(ps- the first picture below is the crop top and skirt set that made me fall in <3 with Cameo)



Today's Thoughts

This post is going to be kind of random, but I decided I would just like to share some of the crazy/random things that go through my mind on the daily. (hahah what? I don't know, bare with me!)

So here are today's thoughts for March 4, 2015:

I miss this one

buutttt…. (I know this makes me look crazy) we are a cute couple, though ;)

I am obsessed with buying makeup. Good thing we don't have a Sephora here in Oxford. Here are a few of my favorite products that I am using right now. I will do a post all about my makeup soon!!

How cute is this little pup!? Melts my heart!

James Franco was in Oxford this past weekend. I'm not the biggest fan, and I didn't see him, but I thought it was cool! 

I will forever be in love with Patrick Dempsey/ Derek Shepherd 

A horribly fun and hilarious game to play. 

I thought these were so cute! I want to make them with my little cousins.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should, @thechroniclesofclaudia), you would know how obsessed I am with cute pink piggys!! Piggy Spears is my favorite pig account on insta. 

Excuse my annoying kissy face, but I thought this was a funny picture because I had straightened my hair this day… See what a little rain and southern humidity does to my hair!? 

My latest Netflix obsession, Dexter. SO good!! 

Hopefully this wasn't too weird. I enjoyed sharing my randomness, maybe you did too!?

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