25 *random* Facts About Me!

I read a fellow blogger's "25 Facts About Me" post, and I really enjoyed it. I know everyone may not care, but for those who do, I thought this would be fun!

1. I still like to sleep with a stuffed animal. Either my build-a-bear, "Chloe", or my stuffed piglet, "Dublin".
2. On that note, my favorite animals are pigs. I believe that stems from my Uncle Scott calling me "Piglet" since I was a very little girl.
3. I don't like my friends or family to call me Claudia, I feel that is too formal. I prefer, Claud, Clauddy, Claudacious (as my dad and cousin Lauren call me), or Cloud (as Kyle calls me). Some of my little cousins call me YaYa, which I love.
4. I am obsessed with snapchat and taking selfies, but get really embarrassed when I am caught taking one.
5. I prefer to be the driver than the passenger when riding in cars. I feel more in charge. Though some may argue I'm a bad driver, I would have to disagree.
6. I am obsessed with skincare and I love reading about peoples beauty routines. I put coconut oil in my smoothies only because it is supposed to be good for your skin.
7. I am the 2nd oldest grandchild (1st granddaughter) out of 17 on my moms side.
8. I am a huge snacker, and even when I know I shouldn't eat something, I always talk my self into it. I have a major sweet & salty tooth. It's evil.
9. I am very proud to be Catholic and enjoy going to mass, but going to confession scares me. So I don't go, even though I know I should. I feel like God will forgive me if I ask him personally.
10. My parents are quickly becoming my best friends, and I would rather hang out with them than *most* people. Sorry, there are still some people I'd rather hangout with… hehe kidding! Kinda.
11. My favorite foods are: bread, cheese, and sushi. Maybe even all at once!
12. When I was little I hated peanut butter, I don't think it's that bad now, but I will never be able to like it.
13. I'm afraid of getting addicted to coffee, so I won't start drinking it in the mornings.
14. My favorite numbers are: 3, 7, and 5. My birthday is March 7, 1995- so that is why.
15. My favorite color is pink, always has been, and always will be.
16. When I was little I would not wear pants, only dresses. I still prefer that now.
17. I would love to showcase my wardrobe and make #ootd posts, but honestly I wear nike shorts/leggings and a t-shirt everyday. #collegelife
18. I could binge watch a series on Netflix in a week or two. I do binge watch series in a week or two…
19. I love to read, but I feel guilty reading while I'm at school. I should be reading textbooks! (I feel guilty watching Netflix, too, but that is an obsession. I can't quit!).
20. I was nervous to start a blog, because I didn't want people to judge me. Then I thought, who cares? I am very happy with my decision.
21. My friend Molli once taught me the life motto, "who cares?", and I just try not to care. It'll make you happier!
22. Shopping stresses me out, so I much rather have people (my dad) do it for me.
23. I want a pink toy pig and I would like to name him/her Ireland.
24. I have always wondered what I would look like blonde.
25. I found my first gray hair when I was 17, and I have been finding them every since. Thanks, mom & dad! Thanks, genetics.
I am a random weirdo
(picture from big/little reveal night, I don't usually just wear horns like that!)
Well, I did it! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. This is so fun and so great getting to know you better! I'm right with you on a ton of these!


  2. Loved reading the facts about you. :) P.S. I love the new layout!



  3. Love this! I remember binge watching series on Netflix, especially my senior year, when I found myself to have more free time, which should not have been the case! I prefer driving to being the passenger as well! Love these facts, so many of them are relatable! Good for you for saying eff it and starting a blog!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  4. I forgot we share a love for pigs. I will have one at some point in my life - I have already warned my husband !
    xo Jaime

    1. I hope you get one soon so I can see pictures!!!

  5. Awww i LOVE this!! I think these posts are so much fun!!!

    xx Olivia


  6. So cute!

  7. I bet you would look cute blonde!! anddd 3 & 5 are my two favorite/ lucky numbers :)


  8. I love reading 25 facts posts! I feel like you really get to know the person behind the screen! I also have a huge sweet and salty tooth, and always convince myself that a treat is okay...56774 times a day haha!


  9. It's always fun to learn more about a blogger! I feel the same way about being Catholic....mass I can do, but confession is terrifying and awkward
    Dresses & Denim

    1. agree with everything you said, completely!! thanks!

  10. Adorable post! I love all of the facts!



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