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Warmer weather and beach/pool days are finally here! We can ditch the layers and finally wear our favorite spring attire (on most days). The only problem? That awful pasty paleness winter has left! No need to worry, I have the perfect solution!! You won't have to run to the sun and get all burnt, go to the tanning bed, or get a spray tan every week. St. Tropez self-tan bronzing mousse will help you out.

I purchased the starter kit right before my spring break, and I was tan, confident, and ready for any outfit! I really do love this stuff, I have already gone out and bought a full size bottle.

purchase starter kit here

Included in the St. Tropez starter kit are 3 travel sized bottles: Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (1.69 oz), Tan Enhancing Polish (2.54 oz), Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer (2.54 oz), and an Applicator Mitt for Body. 

purchase St. Tropez tanning mousse here

You apply the mousse with a mitt to protect your hands, and use circular motions to rub it all in. The results are almost instant, and you can build the tan day after day. It is important to exfoliate and moisturize before each application. 

The mousse and applicator mitt are essential, but I wouldn't say the polish and moistuzer are. I like them, though. 

I love the natural color I receive after I apply it, and that it doesn't streak or look splotchy. The application process is practically fool proof. 

I hope I haven't rambled on, I just am very happy with this product and my new sunless tan! I have never used the tanning bed, and thanks to St. Tropez I will not need to. Also, thank you to my friend Molli for showing me this wonderful product!



  1. AHHH LOVE the new layout of your blog!!! SOOO cute!! And awesome post today!!!

    xx Olivia

    1. hehe thank you so much!!! I'm really excited about it! xo

  2. St. Tropez should pay you for advertisement ;)


  3. I love this stuff! I have only used the facial tanner but have been meaning to try out the rest of the line!



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