WIW: Romper

If you saw my post on Monday, you know that my parents came in town over the weekend for Double Decker Arts Festival. We all got dressed up Friday and Saturday, but it was raining on Friday so I was unable to get pictures of my look from that night. I did happen to get a few pictures of what I was wearing Saturday, though.

I received this romper for my birthday, and I have been waiting for the perfect event to wear it! I thought this weekend would be a great opportunity. It has a rather plunging neckline that I did not feel comfortable with, so I added a navy blue bandeau top underneath. I wanted to go for a more simple look and opted for no accessories-- just sunglasses. My hair was a mess from all the activity before these pictures!


Tips for Tuesday: Finals Week

This post is for all my fellow college students. Finals are upon us, and I could not be more stressed/freaked out. It seems that with all my classes, my finals could either make or break me. It's honestly just a great feeling to have; knowing that one test will determine your final grade…NOT!

I have never been the best at taking tests; I get test anxiety, I procrastinate, and end up getting sidetracked. 

Here are some tips that help me better prepare for finals. Some are silly, but they seem to help!

1. Make a list of everything that you need to do
  • I like to take a few sheets of paper, colorful pens/markers, sit down with my planner and start writing everything out. (You can do this on your computer, too, but I work best writing things down)
  • An example could look like:
    • Tuesday, April 28, 2015:
      • Events for the day:
        • 11:00 am- LIBA 102
        • 1:00 pm- Art History 351 
        • 9:00 pm- Meet w/ Liba group to work on project
      • Work to complete:
        • Write 2 pages of research paper (due Tues 5/5) 
        • Study for Journalism 101 final (tomorrow @ 12)
        • Work on Journalism 375 final project (due Mon 5/4)
        • Work on Criminal Justice take-home final (due Sat 5/2 @ 5 pm)
2. Make sure your living area/workspace is clean
  • I am not a neat freak, but I work best when I know that my room is clean.
    • If it wasn't clean, I would probably choose to clean it rather than to study!
    • It also makes it easier to concentrate when you don't have clutter everywhere
3. You don't have to go to the Library to be productive 
  • I go to the library every once in a while, but I do most of my work from my apartment. 
  • Living off campus makes it more difficult to go to the library, so it's easier to sit at my kitchen table or desk and work.
  • There are also a ton of people in the library during finals week. It could be hard to find a place to study, difficult to work with all of the distractions, and if you go with your friends, it's likely you won't get everything done that you need to.
  • I like to find a quiet place in my apartment to study; I play soft music (sometimes), and always light candles. It's very relaxing. 
4. Take Breaks
  • Take a Netflix break (my favorite) or a break to go and get food with friends. 
  • Chances are, if you study for hours and hours without a break, you aren't retaining much information. Your brain and body need breaks in order to function properly.
  • Breaks are fun and relaxing!! You need that during finals week. 
5. Go to bed early (all-nighters do not work)
  • It's best to take your finals with a clear and open mind
  • If you stayed up all night, you probably will not be clear minded
  • You will feel accomplished at first because you stayed up all night "working hard", but in the end, it probably did more harm than good

Good luck everyone on your finals!!!! I hope these tips helped! Writing this post was me *procrastinating*, but oh well! I'll start following my tips now. 


Double Decker Weekend

I had the best weekend with my amazing parents here in Oxford, Mississippi. They came in town to help celebrate Oxford's 20th annual Double Decker Weekend. Double Decker is an arts festival that celebrates food, music and art. It was a perfect weekend for my parents to come; their favorite things are, food, art, and music.

We started off the weekend with two of my best friends, Audrey and Phoebe, at The Burgundy Room hanging out. After, we had an amazing dinner at City Grocery. (Pensacola people: this is different than the City Grocery in Pcola!) We woke up early Saturday, headed to the square, where we spent the remainder of the day listening to music, eating delicious food, and looking at all of the beautiful art.

It was my last weekend of fun as a sophomore in college. I can't believe that finals are here, and a week from tomorrow I will be driving home for summer! This year went by so fast, but it was a great one!! I will miss Oxford and all of my best friends, but I am looking forward to a lengthy stay at home with my family, friends, and most of all, the beach.

Warning: Picture overload!! I couldn't help myself when choosing which pictures to share, so I had to pick almost all of them.


Wear It Wednesday (WIW): Casual

This week I wanted to focus on a more versatile look. This is a casual look that I could wear to class, out running errands, shopping, or doing miscellaneous things around my apartment. It is very comfortable, but not so casual that I look sloppy. I am also excited to share this look because I am wearing a very special t-shirt!!

My Aunt Emily and her friend, Traci, are the writers behind the blog, Waltz Me To Heaven. They created these super cute and comfortable tee's and I was lucky enough to get one from my grandmother for an Easter present! I have been wanting to wear it with so many things, but I decided trendy leggings and converse would be the easiest. I had class and errands to run right after, so I was very comfortable, but felt more put together than I usually do going to class.

These are my favorite leggings, and I wear them ALL the time. I also have them in a similar pink style. They are comfortable, cute, and so fun to wear!! I am always receiving compliments when I wear them out. I am also wearing my favorite converse and bucket bag again. They are my favorite accessories.

Head on over the Waltz Me To Heaven and check out these cute tee's and wonderful style from my Aunt Em and Traci!!


Just a Little Recap...

There are so many things I would like to blog about, but not enough time to work on them. If you read my post yesterday, you know how busy these next two weeks are for me! With that being said, I do not have a new or interesting blog post for y'all today. Just wait until summer when I have lots of time, though. I can't wait to share with you all the ideas I have this summer!!

I decided it would be a good time to recap some of my favorite posts on my blog so far. I have been blogging for almost 5 months now, and I would love to share my fav posts with some of my new readers!!

5) Weekend Fun- This post was from the first time I went home this semester. I celebrated my little brother John's birthday, Valentine's Day, and Mardi Gras! It was a really fun weekend, and great memories!!
My BFF Molls & Me celebrating Mardi Gras <3
4) Ivy League- Phi Delt's spring party I went to earlier in March. It is always fun to dress up like a redneck and hangout in the hay with friends!

3) 25 *Random* Facts About Me- A fun little post to help you get to know me! I want this blog to be an excerpt from my life, and as my readers I want you to know me like a friend. I'm really weird and random so this was a fun post to write (and to read, in my opinion hehe).

2) Atlanta!!- At the end of March my boyfriend Kyle and I went to Atlanta to stay with his Aunt and Uncle for the weekend. We went to an Atlanta Hawks game, the aquarium, and so much more. I had a lot, a lot of fun and loved sharing my memories with y'all!

1) Wear It Wednesday- My favorite post so far!!! I had so much fun sharing this look with ya'll, and the feedback I received made me SO happy!! Y'all were entirely too sweet with your comments, and have motivated me to post more Wear It Wednesday's (#WIW). Check back tomorrow for my latest look, it's a casual one!!

I had a lot more fun writing this than I thought I would!!
I hope y'all enjoy!

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