End of the *School* Year

The end of the school year is wrapping up for me-- only 11 days left of classes, and 17 days until finals are over and I can go home. With the end of the semester coming to a close, teachers find it necessary to bombard us with last minute work. It's not like we had all semester for them to assign it… but no, they like to give it to us in the last 2 weeks of school. Truly lovely.

In the final two weeks of class, I have:

  • 10-15 minute oral presentation for my Art History class (I would have been fine with this, if she had not have just given us the guidelines less than a week before I have to present)
  • 8-10 page research paper with 7-10 sources for my Art History class (thank goodness it isn't due until the 30th, but again, our teacher just gave us the guidelines a few days ago)
  • 2-5 minute video for my PhotoJournalism class telling a story, and the video must look professional with excellent audio.. I have never made a video like that before, but okay, wish me luck!
  • A movie trailer for my LIBA class (a writing class with an emphasis in film), we have not received the guidelines for this project, so I haven't been able to start.
  • All of the regular homework that I usually have
  • Art History final exam
  • Criminal Justice final exam
  • Journalism 101 final exam 
  • Journalism 375 (photojournalism) final exam
  • Along with any last minute work my teachers may throw at me

My parents are coming in town Friday to visit for Oxford's Double Decker Arts Festival. A festival celebrating food, music, and the arts. I could not have picked a better weekend for my parents to come, this festival is right up their alley. The only thing that will get me through this hectic week is that I will be able to spend a relaxing weekend with them! It just means I will have to double up the work during the week.

Thank you for stopping by and reading the ramblings of "a stressed college student with end of the year anxiety". I will leave you with a few shots of my not-so-stressful weekend!

DG spring formal! (I didnt go, but I still went before to hang with my sistas)

Kappa Sig South Seas spring party
*I didn't have anything tropical to wear, so I wore this hehe*
**I didn't like that he was trying to mess with my floatie**

with my little!!!

I hope everyone has an excellent and fast week!
xo, claudia


  1. That sounds horrible, but the end is almost near.. loving your dress with tassel necklaces!
    xo Jaime

  2. Your next few weeks sound so similar to mine! The number of papers I have to write is beyond terrifying. I just keep reminding myself that summer is near!


    1. It's not fun at all!! Good luck with all of your stuff! Counting down the days until summer...

  3. Oh how I do not miss college around this time (only for the fun times).
    Just keep on trucking and power through all those assignments because the end of it all is near!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. You are literally the cutest thing ever. Everytime I see your pictures I just think about how fun you look and how much I want to hang out with you!! :-) Haha.

    I feel you on the stress thing though. This was my junior year, and it literally almost KILLED me. I imagine that working a real job with a set schedule everyday out in the workforce will be a breath of fresh air compared to all of the late nights and stressful assignments that I've had this year!! Good luck to you as you finish everything!

    xoxo A

    1. AWW!! Thanks I think the same thing about you!! Glad we're snapchat buds, it looks like you always have something fun going on!

      I can't wait for summer, just a little break is all I need. Good luck with everything you have!!

  5. OMG seeing you and your little make me miss sorority days so bad! I also am obsessed with that tassel necklace. I've been looking for one and absolutely adore the one you found. xoxo Meg

    1. Thank you!! It's Zacasha-- I am obsessed with their necklaces!!

  6. You are the cutest, ever! I feel you on the stress... so funny that we both wrote about it on the same day! It's that time of year again... you've got this girl! Best of luck to you!!
    Lauren Ashley

    1. Aww thank you, that makes me smile!! I know, it's just so stressful, it's all I can think about!! Good luck with everything you have going on, as well!!

  7. OK, so usually I'm jealous of you because you're always off doing something fun. This post? Not so much!! UGH, good luck getting through it all. I'm sure you'll do great!! -xx



    1. I know!! The end of the year and finals is not fun!! Looking forward to sharing all my summer fun with you! Thank you more the motivation. <3

  8. You'll make it through just fine! I remember the days of juggling classes, Exec, internships, jobs, homework and all the other craziness that is collegiate life. It's hard to do, but enjoy it while you can!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  9. Good luck girly, soak up these last few weeks :)

  10. Okay you seriously have flawless skin, Claudia! Every picture you are in your skin is glowing. I can't even tell if you have foundation on or not. Have you always had great skin or do you have a certain regime for taking care of it? I totally sympathize with you on assignments. I swear teachers secretly collaborate together and assign all the assignments at the same time. I am finishing up my finals this week and I want to pull my hair out. That is so fun that you will get to see your parents though! Sounds like you deserve a break.



    1. That is SO sweet, thank you!! I'm actually wearing Loreal True Match, my favorite beauty vlogger, Lauren Curtis always talks about how much she loves it so I wanted to give it a try!! I love it!! (and it was only like $8!!) I honestly just make sure to moisturize a lot and wash my face before bed. I think the camera also adds a little coverage somehow, because I feel like my skin always looks better in pictures! haha. I am very, very excited to see my parents. SO ready to have the summer off, too.

  11. Oh god that sounds horrible! I study journalism and I have about a million assigments due in this month plus exams... not happy but it'll be worth it when the semester is over! x


  12. Oh goodness, hang in there love! Hope that you and your family have a blast this weekend :) Where did you get those tassel necklaces that you're wearing in the photos from formal? I LOVE them!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  13. I'm exhausted just reading this! Good luck with all you have going on. At least it will be over soon :-)


  14. Oh My! Girl good luck ♥ Have fun with your parents this weekend. The festival sounds like so much fun


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