New Addition!

Okay, so last week I promised I was back, but that wasn't the case. This time, I promise, I am back to consistently blogging. I can't tell you how busy I have been this past month. From regular schoolwork, to finals, packing up my apartment, traveling home, an internship, a job, and everything else. I could not find any time to blog, let alone time to think about what I wanted to blog about. I'm very sad this happened though, blogging at least three times a week was very important to me. Well, enough dwelling on that, time to get to blogging.

As the title of this post would suggest, I have a new addition to my family. If you follow me on Instagram (@thechroniclesofclaudia), you have already seen this sweet new baby. Saturday morning I rescued a beautiful, six week old kitten. I am soooo in love; I just had to share this news as my first post back. One of my best friends and future roommate Molli had a connection to these cute little kittens. She picked hers up Wednesday, and once I saw a picture, I knew I had to have one. The best part is, our cats our brothers, so next year when we are living together, so will these sweet little babes. They will play together and keep each other company while we are out and about.

I am already an obsessive kitty mother. On Saturday, I left him for a little while to go bowling with my cousin, and I was missing him the whole time, wondering how he was doing!! Crazy me!

I named my kitty Hendricks, and Molli named hers Louis aka "Louie". Maybe one day I will give the reasoning to the name Hendricks, it's a funny little reason. For now, I will just leave you pictures of my little one. 

when I first picked him up
he is always sleeping

sleeping like a log 

so sweet
tongue ouy

when he woke me up at 4:50 am
Molli's kitty, Louie

I am taking Hendricks to the vet today. I have major anxiety about this, so please pray that everything goes well and he is all healthy!! After the vet, I will be taking little H to see his brother Louie, I can't wait to see them play together!!

Come back tomorrow for a new post! 
Thank you for being so patient with my inconsistent blogging.
I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week!


  1. OMG!!! He's so adorable!!! I can't handle his cuteness!!!! <3<3

    xx Olivia

  2. Ahhhhh SO cute!! Congrats on the new addition! -xx


  3. Oh my goodness he's precious!! I see why you fell in love right away! I am a crazy kitty momma too! They are such precious little blessings. Good luck at the vet!

    How 2 Wear It ...

  4. SO cute! Congrats!

  5. I wouldn't normally consider myself a cat person but you have convinced me to rethink my ways! So cute!

  6. Hendricks and Louie are both completely adorable! It's so sweet that they will be able to live and play together too (:

  7. Your cat is too cute and has beautiful eyes.
    Good luck at the vet!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  8. Aw! Cute little kittens like him make me wish I wasn't allergic to cats. Good luck with your trip to the vet!

  9. Congrats on getting a kitty! I'm more of a dog person, but your kitten is so adorable.

  10. Ohhhh he's so precious and absolutely beautiful!! I'm not a cat person and I'm allergic but he's so cute I would make an exception.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  11. Oh gosh. I want a cat SO BAD but I'm SO ALLERGIC. :'( He's adorbs.

    Ohio Stripes

  12. Hendricks is such a cutie! Such a sweet, sleepy baby! Can't wait to see more photos :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  13. OMG so cute!!! Will be following along for photos of this sweet little baby!

    xo, Alicia |

  14. I'll be honest, I'm far from a cat person. But this little guy is too cute. Those blue eyes are killing me. Enjoy your little one!

    xx. Brittany
    Southern Soul

  15. How adorable, your new 'baby' is perfect :)


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