C by the Sea

Pensacola Beach is home to soft white sand and emerald green waters, so picturesque and beautiful. I am lucky to call this place my home. I sometimes take for granted that I live so close to the beach, but today I wanted to share with you a little piece of my heart. With Destin and Panama City Beach only being an hour away, the “beach vacationer” often overlooks Pensacola Beach, but let me assure you, Pensacola Beach is just as beautiful, and just as much fun. In fact, Pensacola Beach ranked No. 5 out of the top 25 beaches in the Us by TripAdvisor's Top 25 Beaches in the United StatesNumber 5 out of 25 in the US!! Obviously there is something special about my little beach town. Downtown Pensacola is also thriving-- with so much to do in the area, Pensacola/Pensacola Beach is the perfect destination for your next vacation to the beach.  

I hope you enjoy my little piece of home!

Friday Favorites

I would like to share a few things I have found/read over this past week that I really loved.

Here are my Friday Favorites!!

  • My favorite blog post that I read this week came from my Aunt Emily at Waltz Me To Heaven. This past weekend she attended a coronation ball for this big celebration of Pensacola called Fiesta, it's hard to explain, but the dress she wore to the ball has a story of it's own. It was a beautiful dress that belonged to my great grandmother. I have to say, my Aunt Emily wore it perfectly! Check out the beautiful story by heading over to her blog to read the post
  • This cheesecake recipe sounds so delicious, and so simple to make! I will have to try it. 
  • I am dying for these wedges! Honestly, I am in love with all of Anthropologie's sandals right now. 
  • My favorite blogger of the week would have to go to Amber Fillerup Clark from Barefoot Blonde. Her new pink hair is seriously amazing. I am in love with her in every way.. She even tweeted me back!! #fangirling 
  •  To save the best for last.. My most favorite thing on this beautiful Friday is my baby kitten, Hendricks! He had a vet appointment on Monday, and he has already grown a whole pound since the last visit! Woohoo! 2.5 pounds, and absolutely perfect. My friend Molli (who is the mommy of his brother, Louis) and I started an Instagram account for them so we will be able to watch them grow, and share their cuteness with anyone who wants to see! Please, go follow the account if you want to participate in the cuteness! @hendricksandlouis! (sorry, I'm rambling about my kitten, I know.. I've become crazy!)

I hope you enjoyed my #fridayfavorites!
What are some of your favorites?
Have a most wonderful weekend!!
xo, claudia

Zacasha Part II

Here is my second post for my collaboration with Zacasha. I am featuring the Zacasha necklace my dad bought me for my birthday. Out of the four I have, I think this necklace may be my favorite. The cream color of the necklace makes it very versatile, so I am able to wear it with many outfits.

If you haven't read my post from last week about Zacasha, please check it out! My post features a beautiful one string, hot pink tassel necklace, and also give some background on Zacasha as a company. As I mentioned in that post, I cannot say enough good things about Zacasha- their necklaces are so beautiful, and I honestly wear them with almost every outfit. They can dress up even the most boring of outfits. Please take a look at their website, it is still new, but they have a wonderful story and some beautiful necklaces showcased, as well as a link for you to shop.

I wanted to keep this outfit very simple and classy. All-white outfits are probably my favorite for summer time. It's so chic and easy to wear, as long as I don't spill anything on it. I chose to keep the all-white theme, and add my cream Zacasha tassel necklace along with it. The necklace gave my outfit the perfect bit of accessory it needed. I wore it before going to watch my dad's Seville Quarter Wine and Libations live TV show on Blab (a local Pensacola station). Going to watch my dad on his show is one of my favorite things to do, I love the bonding time we get when I go.

My dad and the cast of the Seville Quarter Wine and Libations show. With a very special wine guest (in the salmon colored shirt) who attended Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy!!

have a wonderful day!
xo, claudia

*This post is sponsored by Zacasha, but all opinions are my own*

J'adore June Week 1

If you follow me on Instagram (@thechroniclesofclaudia) or remember my post from last week, you know that I am participating in the J'adore June Instagram challenge. So far everything Is going great and I am having so much fun! I have kept up with the schedule and posted a picture everyday. I'm excited because I feel like this challenge is helping with my creativity and I am posting something everyday!!

Here is a recap of Week 1:

day 1: j'adore (monday)

day 2: foodie (tuesday)

 day 3: today (wednesday)

 day 4: #tbt (thursday)

 day 5: sweet treat (friday)

 day 6: best friend (saturday)

 day 7: selfie sunday (sunday)

 day 8: blooms (monday)

I have a confession, though. If you notice that on some of the pictures, I have liked my own photo, it's because I have this weird OCD-like phobia of having an odd number of likes. I have to have an even number or a number ending in 5 to make me feel comfortable… It's totally strange, but I have been doing it for years now, don't ask me why! A little quirk I have. haha!


Interior Inspiration

In August I will be moving into a new apartment-- yay! While I am very excited for my new apartment, I have no clue how I want to decorate my room! Sadly, I do not have the interior design eye, so I get totally stressed out when thinking about how I would like my room to look.

I know that I want neutral and soft color for my room: lots of white, grey, and blush pink. I just don't know where to look or how to put it all together! If you have any tips please let me know!! <3 Also, if you know of any great stores I should look at, please let me know as well!!

Here is some #InteriorInspiration that I hope will help get me in the right frame of mind to start decorating and designing my new room!


*all pictures from Pinterest*


I have been so looking forward to this post! If you have been following my blog for a while, you will notice that I have a staple jewelry item that I wear with almost every outfit. My tassel necklace!! For this Wear It Wednesday post, I wanted to showcase an outfit that I would wear with my new necklaces. I have several Zacasha necklaces, so I will do this in multiple posts with different outfits!

For Christmas my dad got my mom this beautiful beaded tassel necklace, it only took me about three days before I was claiming it as my own and wearing it with every outfit. For my birthday, my dad, knowing how much I loved my moms necklace, got me my very own! A beautiful cream color. You can see it here in my very first WIW post.

I am SO lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with Zacasha. Zacasha is the original Tassel Necklace. Check out their story here, such a great company with a fun story! They have just launched a new website, and I would be thrilled if you would take a look! Absolutely everything Zacasha is beautiful- I have four necklaces right now (including my moms that I claim as my own), and I am dying to add more to my collection!

Pensacola gals- the Zacasha necklaces my dad bought my mom and me as gifts were from the local boutique, Between. Go check it out!!

If you want to learn more about Zacasha, check out there Facebook page, Instagram, Blog (coming soon!!), Pinterest,  and Website!! They are still working on their website, so everything is not complete yet, but you are still able to look at their collections and there is a link to shop their products.

I cannot praise these necklaces enough, no matter what color you get, there is an endless amount of outfits you can pair together. The price of the necklaces are very reasonable as well. Win, win! Go on, take a look! I promise you, you won't regret it.

For this first outfit, I wanted to style my one-stringed, pink, beaded tassel necklace with a casual outfit. I chose my favorite Vince long sleeve shirt, jean shorts (I made them myself from an old pair of J.Crew jeans, they are a little too short for my liking, but the only jean shorts I own at the moment. If you know a good place to buy jeans shorts, please let me know!), and my usual converse and bucket bag. The beading on this necklace has some gray in it, so it matched my shirt very well. This outfit is very casual, but I feel the necklace dresses it up.

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you fall in love with Zacasha like I have!

**This post was sponsored by Zacasha, but all opinions are my own**

J'adore June

I am so excited to participate in the #JadoreJune photo challenge! This will be my first Instagram photo-a-day challenge, and I am hoping this will help improve my Instagram skills and my creativity.
Thank you to Jordyn from The Fairy Princess Diaries (@fairprincessjord) and Kristin from Crumbs and Curls (@crumbsandcurls) for hosting this photo challenge!!

I hope that y'all will participate in this challenge with me, it will be a lot of fun!! I am going to do a recap on my blog of what I have posted every Friday. Hopefully I will be able to find something cute/fun for each day! Follow along with me-- @thechroniclesofclaudia, I am dying to see what everyone will post and for some #InstaInspiration ;).

Also, you can now add me on snapchat- @clauddy- to keep up with me on a daily basis. I am snapchat obsessed, always snapping away. Usually of my adorable little kitten, so that's a reason to follow along!! 

Post something that you adore today! 

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