Colourpop Haul

After hearing so many good things about Colourpop I finally decided to try it out. I purchased 7 products: lippystick, ultra matte liquid lipstick, sculpting contour and highlighting stix, bronzer, super shock cheek blush and highlighter.

The price point is extremely reasonable and the products are beautiful. They are almost all cream based, which is a product I am still getting used to. I apply the bronzer, highlighter and blush with either my fingertips or a beauty blender. I have found it best to dab or pat the product in instead of using stroking motions like you would with a powder because that will make the product apply streaky and splotchy.

So far the highlighter and the lippystick are my two favorite products that I have purchased. The highlighter is very buildable that can give either a subtle, glowing highlight or an intense highlight.

I will save the rest of my thoughts for my review post!

These are what the products look like, except for lumiere lipstick, which would not cooperate when I was making this collage. 

I highly recommend checking out Colourpop's website for the price and quality, you really cannot beat what you receive. You get $5 off when you subscribe to the website for the first time. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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