e.l.f. haul (+reviews)

I finally decided to give e.l.f a try and order a whole bunch of products. To be honest, I always had the perception that e.l.f. was very poor quality makeup because it was so cheap, I mean how can makeup only be $1!? After watching some YouTube videos and hearing the beauty vloggers say that there are actually some good e.l.f. products I broke down and ordered a whole lot of stuff.

-love this product, it's such a pretty color, but doesn't stay on very long

-this is not the best consistency for your cheeks, but works very nice as a lip product

-this powder didn't do a lot for me, there is another powder below that I like much better

-a pretty good concealer for blemishes **need to try under eye

-I got a pimple right after this order came in, but I honestly don't know if this helped at all

-this brush works very well with the concealer I purchased 

-love, love this brush. works so well, very soft and blends product out well, I use it to contour 

-this brush is soft, but not sturdy enough, when I am using it, it always feels like I am going to break it

-I have been trying since I recieved the package to pump the product out of the container, but still have not been able to get any out

-pretty good, looks natural, I like it a lot better than the maybeline white liner that I purchased months ago

-my favorite product from the whole order. PERFECT for contouring, blends out so nicely and very pigmented. just be careful because it's very easy to get too much product on your brush and then it becomes a little bit of a mess

-a very nice powder for setting under eye concealer 

-this bronzer was not pigmented enough and a little too sparkly for my taste

-this concealer was way too thick and did not blend out at all, it looked cakey and brought more attention to my blemish 

-this product is not waxy enough to work on the brows, it is too soft, so it is hard to get a precise line. it was  messy and did not look good 

-another really great brush, but I use it for highlighter 

-I use this brush for blush and I absolutely love it 

-I liked the blush part of this set, it was very pretty, but the highlighter did not show up, I even tried it to wet my brush and the product was not pigmented enough

I hope you enjoyed this haul + review! I had the best time trying out these products and will definitely be repurchasing the products I liked! 



  1. I haven't ordered from ELF in years! The brushes look great!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. You got a ton of stuff! I really like elf brushes, they're good quality and cheap even for the drugstore. All of the products I want to try are never in stock though :(


  3. Thanks for your reviews, and i love this brand

    Constance Stokes MissyDresshop

  4. I usually order ELF from i-herb, I like them a lot and they are so affordable! Great picks! :)


  5. I hear such good things about E.L.F, for that price you can't go wrong really!


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