HUGE Beauty Hauls To Come

I would consider myself a beauty product and skincare snob. I have already proclaimed my love and obsession for Sephora, but that doesn't mean that I believe you must spend a lot of money in order to receive quality products. I can't even explain the joy that I get when perusing a makeup isle at a drugstore, the prices are great, and the products, for the most part, are pretty amazing.

One of my favorite YouTube beauty bloggers, KathleenLights, opened my eyes to two brands: ColourPop and e.l.f cosmetics. The things I love about her channel is that she loves a good deal and isn't afraid to use cheaper products on her channel. I must admit, in the past I have turned my nose up to e.l.f. cosmetics, thinking that the price point was far too low to come out with quality products, but through watching Kathleen's channel and watching multiple videos where she shares her favorite e.l.f. products and shares tutorials using e.l.f., I decided to give it a try and make an online purchase. It just so happened that e.l.f. was having a "Moving" sale, and a good amount of their products were marked down as low as $1. I ordered 18 products for only $39, which is sometimes the price of just one item at Sephora. There were a few products that I would have liked to get that were out of stock, but I will try again, or see if they are available at Target. I am not expecting each product to be amazing, but I am excited to try it out. I will share with you a haul and review on each product.

I did the same with ColourPop, a brand that I learned about through YouTube. KathleenLights actually has collaborated with them several times, and I finally decided to check out the website after hearing over and over again how really amazing the products are. I ordered seven products and I can't for them to come in to test it all out. Just like for my e.l.f. order, I will also do a haul and review post for these products.

I know this is a lot of makeup and probably a very unnecessary amount for one person to use, but it really is my passion and whatever does not work for me I will pass along to a friend or family member, and what I do end up loving I will share with the world!

Thanks for stopping by, come back for an update in a week or so!

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