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Hello, happy Monday!!

Last night I was going through all of my makeup; throwing things away, giving some things away and making an on the go makeup bag.

I like to keep a small bag in my purse or car that has makeup in it for when I'm stuck in a situation where I need a quick makeup look or if I need to retouch my makeup. 

I am an anxious person, so being prepared for anything possible just soothes my mind, which is why I love having this bag with me at all times. 


1- benefit big easy foundation - this is one of my extra foundations that I like, but I don't use very often, so it is perfect for this makeup bag.

2- loreal true match lumi liquid glow illuminator - this is both a primer and illuminator so it will help keep my makeup intact as well as give me a healthy glow when I don't have a lot of products or time to put on makeup.

3- laura mercier tinted moisturizer - I love this product when I want a little bit of coverage, but not too much makeup. I have it in the mini size so its perfect as an alternative foundation for my on the go makeup bag.

4- elf kabuki brush - this will act as my all purpose brush, for foundation & blush.

5- stila huge mascara - another travel size item, I love layering this mascara to give even more length and volume to my lashes.

6- elf eyebrow lifter and filler - this is a new product to me, I'm not a huge fan of it, but it will do when I need a quick brow. I will probably be replacing this item with something else in the future. (my elf haul & review will be out soon, then you'll know why).

7- maybelline rocket volum express - one of my all time favorite drug store mascaras, it gets my lashes just how I like them (especially when layered with another mascara). 

8- zoey van jones brow studio tinted gel - I received this travel tinted gel in a birchbox and thought it was the perfect size, but again, not one of my favorite products, so I will probably be replacing in the future.

9- laura geller baked star highlighter n blush - I ordered this from birchbox a few months back, but was unable to find it, so I linked a similar item above. this is a great product for your on the go bag because it's two products in one. you can't bring all of your products, so when you can consolidate, do it!

10- flower db daily brightening - this will be my concealer and under eye brightener, it's very subtle in color, but has a cold ball that helps de-puff and brighten under eyes.  this product is from drew barrymore's cosmetic line. 

-In the future, I will probably add a bronzer and a more heavy duty concealer. These were all items from my makeup collection that I liked, but didn't use very often, so it worked out perfectly.

What would y'all add to your bag?

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  1. I LOVE benefit!! It's basically the only makeup I use! I have their play sticks foundation and SWEAR by it, but I'm curious about the big easy foundation. Is it liquid? Does it cover well? My problem with most foundations is that I blush and my face turns red literally all the time, so I need something that really covers that and most don't! That's why I like the benefit play sticks. Is this a solid coverage like that or is it a little bit lighter?

    Great post!




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