Take a bath & relax

love to de-stress and relax. My favorite way to do so is taking a nice, hot bath. 

Ever since I moved back home from Ole Miss I haven't felt the overwhelming sense of anxiety or stress, so I haven't needed to de-stress lately, but every once in a while, even when I'm not feeling too stressed, a bath is a wonderful thing. 

I decided to try out these bath salts my cousin gave me for my birthday, light my favorite candle and watch a few YouTube videos. 

I enjoyed the Village Natural Therapy Aches + Pains Nightime Relief bath salts. The scent was lovely and lasted throughout the bath. The scent didn't lather and last on my skin as I would have liked, but I enjoyed this product. I will be on the hunt for a bath salt that last, lingers and lathers all over the skin.

My favorite candle is Trapp Pure Peony, it's such a light and fresh scent and the candle really fills up a room with the wonderful smell.

After my bath, I decided to moisturize with a body lotion that I had not used since I was in middle school. I forgot how really nice the Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion smells. It moisturized my skin so nice and the scent is very apparent, but not too strong. I love being able to smell myself throughout the day or night. 

Come back Thursday to see my ColourPop makeup haul! 


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