Product Review: LAVANILA Sport Luxe Deodorant

I heard about this deodorant from one of Jaclyn Hill's monthly favorites videos, and if you read my post the other day about the best beauty vloggers to follow, then you know how much I love and trust Jaclyn's opinion.

Let's just say she got this product a little wrong.. in my opinion.

I watched this monthly favorite video around the time of the Sephora VIB sale, so I was looking for some good products to purchase. One of my pet peeves is smelling bad, so I am always on the lookout for the best smelling and lasting deodorant. In her video, Jaclyn raved about this Lavinila deodorant, she said it smelled incredible and that it was sport luxe so it was her favorite deodorant to take the the gym. I jumped on the opportunity to purchase this product and didn't even think twice about the $16 price tag on a DEODORANT.

When my package came in the mail, out of everything that I ordered, I was the most excited to try the deodorant. I started using it right away, loving the way it smelled (like fresh, amazing laundry) and the way it felt when applied - like a gel deodorant, a little harder, but not as wet. I could even smell myself and how good I smelt after applying it, which I love when deodorants do. I was telling everyone about it, I was so excited! I even let one of my little cousins try it after a track meet when we were on the way to the mall.

Fast forward a few hours, we are still at the mall and we both notice a smell. We check our armpits and OH MY GOODNESS do we SMELL! Like straight up B.O. We start dying laughing because she smelled better after her track meet than she did after wearing the deodorant for about two hours.

To make this long story a little shorter, I refused to let this product go to waste; I spent $16 on it. I thought about returning it because I was that disappointed in the product, but I was too lazy. I still use it, and it works okay if I remember to reapply about every hour. If not, a B.O. scent will start to creep up on you until you full on smell like sweat.

I should mention that this is a natural deodorant, so this is totally expected coming from a natural deodorant, but I was shocked at the results because Jaclyn raved so much about this product.

I have not tried any other Lavanila products, but I actually want to just to see if I get the same results from the other deodorants. I really did love the smell, but the outcome was just not worth smelling good for such a small amount of time.

Beauty Vloggers to Follow on YouTube

YouTube is my favorite source of information for beauty, makeup and skincare. I watch at least three videos every single day (seriously, that's the minimum). Skincare and makeup are really my passions and what I want to do with my life (more on that topic to come in the future), and this is a great way for quick, fun information. It also is how I relax and decompress, I look forward to watching new videos everyday.

I will list in order of my favorite channels.. The order is subject to change based on how I'm feeling, but I do not follow a vlogger unless I am completely obsessed with them and trust their opinions.

1. Jaclyn Hill - my all time favorite YouTuber. She has the best personality; she's funny, caring, sweet, honest, beautiful, passionate, knowledgeable - oh the list could go on and on. She has really broken into the industry and is doing incredible. Jaclyn does a good mix of high end and drugstore products on her channel, but I would say there is probably just a little more high end. She posts about once a week.

2. Chloe Morello - the funniest and most beautiful Aussie ever. She is so real and herself on her channel and I really love that about her - she's unfiltered and doesn't try to be perfect. Chloe is sooo beautiful, funny and amazing at makeup. She has a love for more of the higher end products, so you won't see many drugstore products, but there are times when she uses them. She posts once to twice a week.

3. KathleenLights - such a sweet and cute blogger! I love watching her videos because she tries so many different products and will give you her 100% honest opinion. She posts about three times a week. Kathleen does a lot of tutorials, hauls and product reviews. I love how down to earth she is and she has a lot of very informative videos. I would say she does a very good mix of high end and drugstore products, but I think she does drugstore prices just a little more.

4. Tati - I love watching Tati's videos because she tries so many different products and really puts them to the test. She posts five times a week, which is another huge plus. She definitely prefers higher end products and that is the majority of her channel, but she will tell you what is worth the price and what is not, she also reviews a lot of drugstore makeup, too.

5. RachhLoves - Rachel does a lot of hauls, product reviews and DIY's. I would say her channel is a lot of drugstore makeup with a good bit of high end makeup. She does a series called "Pinterest Hacks" where she finds cool DIY tricks and tips, puts them to the test and shares the results. She doesn't do a lot of tutorials, but she is really fun to watch and has a very bubbly personality.

Notable mention: Lauren Curtis - she was the first beauty vlogger I ever watched on YouTube. She is from Australia and is so cute, but she just doesn't post very often. Lauren talks a lot on her snapchat about how she doesn't feel passionate about making beauty videos and they don't make her happy anymore, which I can totally understand. I can't imagine how tough it is to do that as a living. She now enjoys vlogging her life more than beautyvideos, which can be fun to watch, I just enjoy the beauty videos more. She is so sweet, sincere and really a good person, it shines through her videos.

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