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remember what it was like just starting out with makeup and literally having no clue what to do. My mother, who I adore and love, literally does not know the first thing when it comes to makeup, so I had to teach myself. My love for makeup came natural to me, but it didn't really start to progress until I was a senior in high school and an Ulta and Sephora opened up.

I never wore a lot of makeup in middle school or high school; basically just concealer and mascara, but ever since I was a little girl I have lusted over makeup. I would go to my Aunt Sue's house to spend the night and always ask her to do my makeup. I also loved to watch her take her makeup off and see what products she used. So even though I learned to use makeup a little later in life, it has always been one of my passions. 

I decided to enlist the help of my favorite 13-year old, Savannah, for this post. Savannah loves when I do her makeup and she has such a beautiful canvas that is so easy to work with. She recently mentioned to me how she wanted new makeup and to be taught how to properly apply it so it looks more natural and smooth. I jumped at the opportunity to help her!

I passed down to her some products that I did not use very often and she already had some products of her own. The main goal for this was to teach her how to put on makeup for school or an everyday look. 

1. Always cleanse and moisturize about 10-45 minutes before applying your makeup. This allows for your skin to be clean, but also gives time for your moisturizer to sink into the skin. 
2. Optional - Use a primer. Depending on what you are doing a primer may not be necessary. I like to use primers for my makeup to apply smoothly and for the longevity of my makeup. If you are just going to school, this step is not as important. 
3. Foundation first - A lot of people think that you should put your concealer on first, but I don't believe that is so. I think you should put your foundation on first to give a base to the rest of your makeup. Use the foundation to even out your skin.
4. Then use the concealer to conceal anything that the foundation did not cover up. If you were to put on the concealer first, you may use unnecessary product that could have been covered up by foundation. You want to try to use as little product as possible. I like to conceal under my eyes and then any other blemishes I have. 
5. Powder - I always like to set my foundation and concealer with a powder to make sure everything stays in place and nothing will crease. 
6. Blush - add a little color to your face and a nice glow with a little bit of blush. Swirl your brush in the blush and then tap some of the product off so you are not applying too much to your skin. I am a blush lover, so I like to put blush all over the apples of my cheeks and up my cheek bones, but that is really just preference. 
7. Bronzer - If you want a little more color to your face, add a little bronzer along your cheek bones, or all over your face like I do. (that may not be what real makeup experts say to do, but it's makeup, make what you want of it and do what makes you feel pretty!)
8. Optional - I like to add a little highlighter over my bronzer or at the top of my cheek bones to add some beautiful shimmer and really boost up your look. For beginners, this may just be an extra step, but like I said it's whatever you want to do. 
9. Optional - If you have sparse or hard to manage brows, I would recommend using a brow gel, pencil or a brown eye shadow to even out the eyebrows. I think a eye shadow works just as well as any other brow product and is perfect for beginners because you probably already have a brown shadow in your collection. The ey eshadow I use even has a little shimmer and it doesn't make a difference, just be sure to get a color that is dark or light enough and apply with an angled brush.
10. Optional - I don't use eyeliner very often, in fact I didn't start wearing any (if I do at all) until very recently, but if you would like to wear an eyeliner I would suggest to have a black or brown for your eyelid and a skin colored or white eyeliner for your waterline because it really helps open up your eyes and make them look awake. 

Savannah's makeup

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