Product Review: Radha Beauty Organic Jojoba Oil

Joboba Oil is known for its moisturizing benefits and is marketed for your hair and dry areas of your skin. You can use it for your body in many different ways. As a skin cleanser and makeup remover, to condition your hair and your lips, and to revitalize any part of your skin/hair that is lackluster and needs an extra kick of moisture.

Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seed of a jojoba tree that is most commonly found in Arizona, California and New Mexico. It is used in many cosmetic products, but mostly shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and lotions. It's actually more extracted as a wax and is the most similar thing to human skin oil, which is why it is so beneficial to your skin.

It is said that jojoba oil can make skin think that it is producing enough oil, which then will balance out the skin and is non-comedogenic, so if you have acne prone skin you can use this product without fear of it making you break out more because it is an oil. This is a great product for all skin types; oily, combination and dry skin.

Radha Beauty Organic Jojoba Oil is packaged in a dark, cobalt blue container to guarantee a long shelf life. It has a much longer shelf life than other oils extracted from plants and seeds. The oil is a beautiful golden color.

After using this product for a few months I have found whenever I use it, it makes my hair super soft. I have recently bleached my hair and everyone knows how damaging that can be. I believe this product has helped maintain some moisture and added a softness to my hair that I have never had. I also use this product on my skin when it is feeling especially dry.

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